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For an explanation of dates used, please see the Calendar. Click on the map for a larger version. See also the timeline for a partial list of Aesedra's rulers.

Aesedra, or more correctly, the Empire of Aesedra is a nation in the northern hemisphere of Cauix, and occupies the south-eastern end of the Invinni continent. It is both the world's largest and most powerful nation, boasting a population of close to 200 million and an Army of nearly 1.5 million. It has been an empire presided over by an Emperor for 11960 plus years, though during this time the size of the nation has changed considerably. aesedra.jpg


Aesedra's pre-Imperial history is one of much mystery and legend and little known fact. Mulptana teachings say that humankind arrived from elsewhere over 12000 years ago. Elsewhere has been variously defined as another world, another plane of existence or somewhere else on the planet. What is known is during this period, the Old Gatian Era, the population was concentrated along the coast of the Gulf of Yotu in what is now Polatia, Iron Gates and Senei. The remainder of Aesedra (and possibly beyond it) was unoccupied, though this disputed by many, particular the Ghanandese.

Magick ruled over the world during this time, and there was a struggle between those who could wield it, and those who could not. According to the histories, The Five entered the world and sided with those who could not, and in return for their devotion, drove out or destroyed the practitioners of magick and sorcery. To this very day, the Church of The Five have proscriptions against sorcery, the practising thereof and generally writing or speaking about the subject in a way that implies or states support magick. It is important to note that since The Five liberated the world from sorcerers, magic itself does not function. The only supernatural force that does operate is alchemy and some have debated whether it is a science or not.

The newly-liberated Aesedrans elected a chieftain to be their Emperor. This man was Ucto, a Gatian chieftain who had unified the peoples and warred against the practitioners. Little is known about him, and most accounts and hagiographies of him are marginal at best. Despite this, the Aesedran calendar begins from the year he took the Throne in Kyne as Ucto the First. Confusingly, the prescriptivist school of The Five venerates a reformer with the same name, who came by much later.


As of 11960, Aesedra has eighteen provinces and they are discussed on their own pages. Aesedra has varied over the millennia by the number of constituent provinces. Throughout its history it has always possessed Senei, Iron Gates and Polatia. A thousand years after Ucto took the throne, Osc, North Quough and South Quough joined, the latter two formerly being one territory. The next additions were Vonei and Yolbein, followed a millennium later by Luthaniel and Keve.

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