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Alasmina is a feminine name of Old Polatian origin, meaning peony, as in the flower. It has been the name of five Empresses of Aesedra.

  • Alasmina I Powyvest c. 9250. Little is recorded of her.
  • Alasmina II Powyvest r. 9454 - 9458. One of many girl Empresses. Murdered by her brother
  • Alasmina III Powyvest r 9512 - 9526. Great-great niece of the above. Unremarkable ruler
  • Alasmina IV Powyvest (the Singer) r 9526 - 9567. Daughter of the above. So named for her habit of singing, a trait she excelled at.
  • Alasmina V Rolle r 11150 - 11153. See entry. A most remarkable person.
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