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Alchemy is the science in Aesedra whereby all things medicinal are formulated. The science of alchemy is as old as Aesedra herself, and is a secret art, legally practised only by the Siepta, the alchemist's guild. While alchemy exists elsewhere in the world, it is nowhere as developed or as pervasive as it is in Aesedra.

In short, alchemy can cure nearly all known ailments and diseases - if the Siepta's prices are met. Things alchemy cannot do are prolong life, prevent death, create so-called “love potions” or change sex. It also cannot transmute one metal to another, though it can be used to extract metals from ores that are outside a furnace or a forge's capabilities, such as titanium, molybdenum, vanadium, etc.

With a drug, alchemy can render a fertile woman infertile, and vice versa. It can change a blonde woman to a brunette one - permanently. It can make a short man tall. It can give sexual vigour to the impotent, and it can likewise emasculate the vigorous. Alchemy can create the most seductive of hallucinogens, narcotics, stimulants, soporifics and relaxants. Conversely, alchemy can poison the mind with paranoia, fears, insecurity, jealously, rage, insanity, dolour and listlessness.

The prices the Siepta set for nearly all their remedies and drugs are outside the range of the average Aesedran citizen.

Other concoctions the Siepta create have more practical applications. They make luminous powders for lights and mixtures for creating fire and generating heat. Although they once made explosives, the creation of these is now in the hands of the Platinum Seat.

One of the more insidious things alchemists can brew is sial, the drug of enslavement and its manufacture and possession is outlawed upon pain of death in Aesedra, though rogue alchemists from Heddig and Celobsil are known to make it.

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