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Bielana, which is of ancient Nitherese origin, has been the name of three Empresses of Aesedra, all of whom have met early and tragic deaths.

  • Bielana I Powyvest - (date of birth uncertain, d. 9630 r. 9611 - 9630) - not much has been recorded about this Empress, though she originated from a minor cadet branch of the Powyvest dynasty, which suggests some kind of political upheaval around her time. She was only in her thirties at the time of her death, allegedly from a lung flux.
  • Bielana II Rolle (the Unready) - (b. 11100 - d. 11135 r. 11130 - 11135) - only daughter and second child of Taian XVII Rolle. Heir Apparent Simberro had been killed in battle in Xicomor in 11116. Bielana was a reluctant ruler who refused to give orders or take responsibility. Never deigned to take a husband and many thought she had a great personal hatred for men. She secreted herself in the Palace of the Empire and the Empire was ruled de facto by the Council of Prefects. History portrays her as a beautiful and sensitive woman who took to drinking and drugs shortly after her coronation and never recovered. Found dead in her bath. The direct line from Taian XV came to an end with her.
  • Bielana III Rolle (b. 11136 - d. 11154 r. 11154 - 11154) daughter and only child of Simberro Rolle, the third son of Taian XVIII. Simberro, who was the official heir to Jortonis V, was murdered by Makaeli rebels in Nither when he left to come to Kyne for his coronation. Bielana was ruler of Aesedra for five months before she was murdered by a mysterious man. Such was the out-pouring of grief at the time of her death, Bielana was preserved and placed on display in the Imperial Mausoleum, where she remains viewable to this day. It was recorded she was a moody and sweet girl who was more interested in drawing and painting than ruling Aesedra.

As the deaths of all three Bielanas have been both premature and tragic, it was decreed no future Empresses could name themselves this, as it was thought to be cursed. In addition, the deaths of the last two had led to serious political strife.

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