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-The [[Aesedra]]n calendar year is 360 days long. The actual tropical year (how long it takes for the world to orbit the sun and return to the same position) is 361.32 days long. Some lands use a 361 day year but Aesedra has used the 360 day variety (along with Trodem days) for well over 8000 years. 
-Periodically,​ usually every several hundred years, scholars will make adjustments in the calendar to account for the differences between the calendar and tropical years. 
-====Days of the Week==== 
-Aesedra (including [[Ghananda]]) and many lands about, use a week comprised of ten days. Confusingly,​ it is known as a "​week"​ and not a "​tenday"​ or some such. The Aesedran week traditionally starts on Aerche. Aerche and Verlche are considered the "​weekend"​ for most Aesedrans. 
-    * Aerche (usually a day of rest in most of the Empire) 
-    * Sadaache 
-    * Miauche 
-    * Oseche (a day of rest in Ghananda) 
-    * Patanche (usually a day of rest in most of the Empire, except Ghananda) 
-    * Linviche 
-    * Snoeche 
-    * Uvuche 
-    * Nulusche 
-    * Verlche (usually a day of rest in most of the Empire) 
-Aesedran months are 30 days long, of 3 weeks each. The Aesedran year starts 1 Icehigh, which is a holiday for most people. Icehigh is analogous to the English January. 
-    * Icehigh 
-    * Caldwind 
-    * Frostwane (some provinces, such as [[Yolbein]],​ call it Aymseid) 
-    * Seid 
-    * Harvestsowl 
-    * Oll (known as Olnn in [[Murred]]) 
-    * Heatrick 
-    * Skyloft 
-    * Skywane 
-    * Fieljall 
-    * Neysnow 
-    * Icingheim 
-Every 4 years, 3 days are added in between Oll and Heatrick, and they are called Jolche, Jomche and Trieche. All three are collectively called (the) Trodem. Trodem is a time of festivals for the Empire and all three days are holidays, save in Ghananda. 
-Children born during Trodem are considered blessed, and especially so if twins, triplets or more are born. Habitually, a child born during Trodem will celebrate his or her birthday on 1 Heatrick on other years. 
-The last Trodem was in 11958. 
-====The Years==== 
-Aesedran reckoning is counted forward from 1 A.F. A.F means 'after foundation'​ after the date that Aesedra was founded as an Empire. There was never a 0 A.F and years before A.F are spoken of as O.G.E - [[Old Gatian Era]]. 
-Ghananda adopted the Aesedran calendar later and since its inclusion as a constituent province of the Empire has counted its day from 1 Icehigh in the year the [[Treaty of Uyre]] was signed, 11116. Therefore, the current year, 11961, is 845 A.A - After Annexation - in Ghananda. Note that this calendar is not used outside Ghananda. 
-The Aesedran calendar has also been adopted by most nations bordering the Empire, with minor and/or local variations. The names of the months logically reflect that Aesedra is a northern hemisphere nation. 
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