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Cauix is the official Aesedran name of the planet that Aesedra, the Wind Kingdom, the Vaenz Peninsula and Xicomor et al. are located on. It's official in the sense that's what its name was decreed to be early in Aesedra's settlement, and geographers, cartographers and others of like erudition still name it thus.

It has other names in other cultures, and to most of the world it is just called “Earth” or “the Earth”.


It has two moons Pellaan and Mattaan, both of which are dim slow moving specks in Aesedra's night sky, and are nothing more than large asteroids.

Its year is 361.32 days long and the day itself is just under 24 hours in length. In most other ways it is similar to Earth.

Its sun is the second outermost in the open cluster it belongs to. This cluster, called The Five's Guidance by Aesedrans, the Starmist by the barbarians of the Kostaigne Desert and the Swanhold by the Ghanandese is a glorious concatenation of stars and dust that lies around the planet's north celestial pole. The outermost, Tuus serves as the world's southern pole star.

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