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Celobsil is a desolate region of grassland and savannah to the northwest of Aesedra.


It is bordered on the south by the Nonesuch Mountains, the west by the Grey Mountains and to the east by the Great Scarp. Where the northern “border” with the Coldfells begins is anyone's guess, as there is no firm demarcation. Like Ghananda, Celobsil is a high plateau, though unlike the alpine forested Ghananda, Celobsil is a bleak land of endless withered grasslands and stony savannah. A mixture of people dwell in this unproductive land, primarily descendants of exiled Aesedrans and Ghanandese, the odd Heddigu from Heddig and folk of the Kostaigne Desert. Because of the cold climate, the crop growing season is short, so most of the population graze cattle or work in the various mines in the mountains.

Many nations and societies have claimed it over the years but none have ever kept on to it. Its remoteness and relative lack of worth have kept it as unclaimed and unconquered territory…until recently. In latter times, a man calling himself the King of the High Plains has emerged as a unifying leader and has brought all the disparate tribes of Celobsil under his banner. His real identity is known only to a few.

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