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The Council of Prefects

The Council of Prefects is the supreme legislative body in Aesedra. They number seventeen, one for each province with the exception of Ghananda, and are appointed by the duke of each province to serve a term of no less than ten years. By law, they may not be members of the ruling family, the Rolles and are usually merchants or jurists of high standing. The Prefects exist as a check and balance to the power of the Emperor and it is they who make all laws for the Empire (though not for each province individually). In addition, they either ratify or reject legislation that the various ministerial bodies or other legislative bodies (such as the Lords of Kyne) submit to them. If they ratify legislation, they pass it on to the Emperor who signs it into law. The Emperor may not veto it, but he (or she) retains the reserve power to suspend the Council and rule by decree.

Similarly, the Council has the power to remove the Emperor and install a new leader with unanimous support of the provinces. This has happened rarely, with the last occurrence in 11830 to remove Meleandro IV Rolle.

While in office, they are immune to all criminal prosecution save that for murder and treason. They are addressed as “Honourable Prefect”. However, legally, they are not considered nobility.

They meet twelve days out of each month in the great hall of the Day Palace in Kyne.

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