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The Great Tragedy

For an explanation of dates used, please see the Calendar. See also the timeline for a partial list of Aesedra's rulers.

Bielana III Rolle was murdered at the age of fourteen in her private rooms in the Palace of the Empire, 20 Icehigh, 11154. Who murdered her and for what reason remain issues of speculation as the perpetrator was swiftly punished and executed that very day, and record of him (it is known he was male) was expunged from the annals by the Green Hand. Subsequent Emperors have never made it public who it was, and the Council of Prefects are similarly silent.

As with the demise of her like-named ancestor in 11135, Bielana's death left the Empire in a perilous state. Bielana was a member of the Nitherese line who had ascended to the Throne and was a descendant of Jortonis IV Rolle who was given the Throne over the arguably stronger claim of Alasmina V Rolle in 11135. This brought the Empire to the edge of civil war until the Compromise of 11135 was agreed upon.

The reigns of all subsequent Emperors were brief, with none lasting more than seven years. One reign, that of Ospertine was particularly damaging to the Empire due to his unruly and morally lax attitude to governing.

Alasmina's also short reign disturbed the good working order of the Empire, but for vastly different reasons. Her actions are still felt 800 years later.

So when Bielana III was murdered, the people of Aesedra were weary of the succession of leaders. Unfortunately, they weren't to get an easy solution. The line of succession was not clear (it was hoped Bielana would marry and bear children to rectify this). Kenerte Rolle, the then duke of Iron Gates had precedence, being a cousin of Lasildra Rolle, but he forswore it, feeling the role of Emperor was tainted.

The next in line was duke Charlan Rolle of Senei, old and childless, but his claim was disputed by both the duke of Nither, Sulbard Rolle and his distant cousin, the lady Uloria, each of whom were descended from Jortonis IV. Uloria was descended from duke Yespir (Jortonis IV's father) and Sulbard came from Lailie, Yespir's wife, from another Nitherese branch of the Rolles. Sulbard argued that because he was the sitting duke, he had precedence over Uloria. This also was precedented before in Aesedran history.

The Council decided to hear their claims and ruled the Empire as proxies for nearly six months while the various parties squabbled, then made their way to Kyne to present their case. While on a ceremonial boat on Seling Deep in Heatrick of 11154, Charlan, Sulbard and his family, and Uloria all died instantly after it was blown up by saboteurs.

This brought the totally unwitting Candamelia XI Rolle (known as Saendi to those close to her) to the Throne.

And there a story begins.

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