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Imperial Aesedran Timeline

For an explanation of dates used, please see the Calendar

Gatian Powyvest Line

Candamelia IX Powyvest - (b. 10811 - d. 10845 r. 10823 - 10845) - Daughter of Struan V Powyvest, renowned for her unearthly beauty. Died mysteriously while reviewing troops in Kyne. Many believe she was poisoned.

Struan VI Powyvest - (b. 10827 - d. 10911 r. 10845 - 10911) - eldest son of Candamelia IX. Born when she was sixteen. Unremarkable Emperor who ruled during a fairly placid time, that's since been called the False Dawn of the Powyvests. Married and had (legitimate) children while in his seventies.

Ynylla V Powyvest - (b. 10897 - d. 10913? r. 10911 - 10913). Eldest daughter of Struan VI. Disappeared in her sixteenth year, though widely believed to have been drowned on her uncle Venone's order. Remembered for her bright red hair.

Yasildra I Powyvest - (b. 10900 - d. 10917 r. 10913 -10917). Second daughter of Struan VI. A sickly child who spent all of her brief reign in bed. Again, many historians are of the belief she was deliberately made and kept ill by Venone, who succeeded her.

Venone I Powyvest - (b. 10855 - d. 10924 r. 10917 - 10924). Illegitimate son of Struan VI, his mother an Oscian courtesan. Forced half-sister Yasildra I to recognise his lineage and succeeded her upon her death. For many years, Venone was the éminence grise behind the Throne and manipulated the weak and kindly Struan, and dominated his much younger half-sisters, possibly murdering both. Upon succession, he waged a war of genocide against all the Powyvest nobles, declaring them to be enemies of the state, and the cause of Aesedra's slide into decadence and stagnation. Upon his death, there was but one living Powyvest, Colsis. Historians still question his motives to this purposeful devastation of an ancient Imperial house. Whatever the designs, they were effective. A once noble and mighty house was destroyed.

Colsis XXII Powyvest (the Sad) - (b. 10899 - d.10970 r. 10924 - 10970) - last of the Powyvest dynasty, son of Venone . Died without issue. First Emperor to reign after losing the Imperial Lavalier. According to romantic legend, its loss contributed to the downfall and eventual extinction of the Powyvest dynasty. Upon Colsis's death, the Council of Prefects elected Duke Taian Rolle of Iron Gates to be Emperor and he became Taian XV Rolle, the first of that line. The Rolles have ruled ever since.

Kellermore Rolle Line

Taian XV Rolle - (b. 10935 - d. 11005 r. 10970 - 11005) - first of the Rolle line. Unremarkable Emperor.

Taian XVI Rolle - (b. 10968 - d. 11034 r. 11005 -11008) - eldest son of Taian XV, died falling off his horse, without issue.

Candamelia X Rolle - (b. 10973 - d. 11068 r 11008 - 11068) - second child and eldest daughter of Taian XV. Reigned for nearly 60 years. Known as Good Lady Candi, put down a rebellion in Firvell.

Culustrielle II Rolle - (b. 10994 - d. 11070 r 11068 - 11070) - only child of Candamelia X. Was 76 when she acceded and spent her entire reign in bed ill.

Culustrielle III Rolle - (b 11020 - d 11104 r 11070 - 11104) - eldest daughter of Culustrielle II. Fought exhaustive wars in Xicomor. Responded to a request from the Ghanandese King Illua and drove the Celobsil barbarians from Ghananda. Murdered by a Celobsilian fanatic.

Taian XVII Rolle - (b. 11054 - d. 11130 r 11104 - 11130) - eldest son of Culustrielle III. Signed the Treaty of Uyre with King Vauan of Ghananda in 11116. Apart from this event, he was an unremarkable Emperor.

Bielana II Rolle (the Unready) - (b. 11100 - d. 11135 r 11130 - 11135) - only daughter and second child of Taian XVII. Heir Apparent Simberro had been killed in battle in Xicomor in 11116. Bielana was a reluctant ruler who refused to give orders or take responsibility. Refused to take a husband and declared a great personal hatred for men. She secreted herself in the Palace of the Empire and the Empire was ruled de facto by the Council of Prefects. History portrays her as a beautiful and sensitive woman who took to drinking and drugs shortly after her coronation and never recovered. Found dead in her bath. The direct line from Taian XV came to an end with her.

1st Nitherese Rolle Line

Jortonis IV Rolle (b. 11065 - d 11139 r 11135 - 11139) great-nephew of Candamelia X, was Duke of Nither at the time of Bielana II Rolle's death. The Council of Prefects honoured his claim over that of the 4 year old Alasmina Rolle of Kellermore, who was a great-niece of Culustrielle III. Jortonis did not adjust well to the climate of Kyne and suffered many fevers.

Taian XVIII Rolle (the Stern) (b. 11090 - d 11143 r 11139 - 11146) eldest son of Jortonis IV. Was Duke of Nither at the time of the death of his father. Relinquished that title to become Emperor. Known as a martinet who doubled the size of the Imperial Highguard and passed harsh laws against vagrancy and other petty crimes. He died, apparently of natural causes, but many believe he was poisoned by Alasmina's followers. Fathered three future Emperors and Empresses.

Ospertine I Rolle (the Rakehell) (b. 11113 - d. 11150 r 11146 -11150) eldest surviving son of Taian XVIII (an older child, Randith Rolle, died in infancy). Was expected to take the name of Taian upon succession, but refused to do so. Married Alasmina Rolle of Kellermore, but legend has it he never consummated their union. To date, the only Emperor of his name. Renowned as a debauched drunkard who fathered numerous illegitimate children. Drowned in Seling Deep under mysterious circumstances.

Kellermore Rolle Line

Alasmina V Rolle (the Bitchqueen, Butchqueen, Tomcat Empress, among others) (b. 11131 - d 11153 r 11150 - 11153) daughter of Duchess Lasildra of Iron Gates, a descendent of Taian XV. See separate entry.

2nd Nitherese Rolle Line

Jortonis V Rolle (b 11117 - d 11154 r 11153 -11154) second son of Taian XVIII. Renounced his claim under advisement when Ospertine died through fear of civil war if Alasmina did not accede. Was Duke of Nither before his succession, a role that went to a more distant branch of the Rolle dynasty afterwards. Jortonis was a keen and earnest man who set out to heal the wounds caused by the chaotic reigns of Ospertine and Alasmina. Tragically drowned when his boat capsized in the Gulf of Yotu.

Bielana III Rolle (b. 11136 - d. 11154 r 11154 - 11154) daughter and only child of Simberro Rolle, the third son of Taian XVIII. Simberro, who was the official heir to Jortonis V, was murdered by Makaeli rebels in Nither when he left to come to Kyne for his coronation. Bielana was ruler of Aesedra for five months before she was murdered by a suitor (so it's believed). Such was the out-pouring of grief at the time of her death, Bielana was preserved and placed on display in the mausoleum, where she remains viewable to this day. History records her as a moody and sweet girl who was more interested in drawing and painting than ruling Aesedra.

The Interregnum

3rd Nitherese Rolle Line

Candamelia XI Rolle (the Eternal) (b. 11138 - d. 11225 r 11154 - 11225) only daughter and second child of the Lady Uloria of Nither. Came to power unexpectedly after the events of the Great Tragedy in Kyne in 11154. Called the Eternal due to her 71 year reign. Aesedra went through a remarkable period of peace in Candamelia XI's time. Her adopted son and heir Cunan Rolle went missing on an expedition into the northwest of the world.

Candamelia XII Rolle (the Centenarian) (b 11165 - d 11270 r 11225 - 11270) second child of Candamelia XI. Only ruler of Aesedra to date to have lived more than a 100 years. Her birth name was Simielle, but changed it to honour her mother at the time of her coronation.

Taian XIX Rolle (b. 11230 - d. 11301 r 11270 - 11301) grandson of Candamelia XII. He was the son of Heir Apparent Culustrielle who died before her mother.

Taian XX Rolle (b. 11270 - d 11322 r 11301 -11322) eldest son of Taian XIX. Unremarkable Emperor.

Candamelia XIII Rolle (b. 11306 - d 11323 r 11322 - 11323) eldest child and first daughter of Taian XX. Was found hanged in the Day Palace at the age of 17, officially ruled a suicide. She was found to have been six months pregnant although she had not married and had no known consorts.

Candamelia XIV Rolle (b 11308 - d 11400 r 11323 - 11400) second child and daughter of Taian XX. Was born Lasildra, but took the name Candamelia to honour her sister. Ruled for 77 years, the longest of any Rolle Emperor or Empress. Despite this, the archives have remarkably little information on her as her rule was completely uneventful.

Elessis IV Rolle (b. 11343 - d 11420 r 11400 - 11420) only child of Candamelia XIV. The last woman to date to rule Aesedra. She was renowned for her incredible beauty, a trait she put to good use from all accounts, as she was one of the Rolle family's more dissolute members, long before she acceded. Murred became a province of Aesedra for the last time during her reign, and has remained a province since. The borders of Aesedra did not change again until Ghananda was granted independence. Married Kestire, Duke of Iron Gates. Nitherese line comes to an end.

Kellermore Rolle Line

Taian XXI Rolle (the Bastard) (b. 11365 - d 11426 r 11420 - 11426) eldest son of Elessis IV. His reign was plagued by rumours he was illegitimate. His mother had many lovers while she was married and actually mothered an illegitimate daughter after her spouse's death in 11367. Taian spent much time hunting down his mother's lovers and their children, which earned him the epithet Bastard, more so than for his disputed lineage. He would be the last Taian for nearly 500 years.

Jortonis VI Rolle (b 11400 - d. 11456 r 11 426 - 11456) eldest son of Taian XXI. Was born Taian but assumed the name Jortonis upon succession. Died on the last day of the year.

Belantine XVII Rolle (the Almost) (b. 11440 - d 11520 r 11457 - 11520) only child of Jortonis VI. Was born Jortonis but assumed the name Belantine upon succession, much to the public surprise. Given the unflattering nickname of the Almost due to his attempts to emulate the deeds of Belantine XVI Powyvest. Was the last Aesedran Emperor to lose a war, a battle in Xicomor that cost his Makael divisions badly.

Itur III Rolle (b 11480 - d 11569 r 11520 - 11569) third son of Belantine XVII. His older brothers had died young and Itur had not expected to accede. A shy and indecisive man who spent most of his rule fishing and gardening.

Jortonis VII Rolle (b 11501 d 11570 r 11569 - 11570) eldest son of Itur III. Unremarkable Emperor.

Itur IV Rolle (b 11530 - d 11610 r 11570 - 11610) second son of Jortonis VII. Older brother had been murdered by his lover. Caused a minor furore as he refused to live in Kyne, preferring Kellermore.

Meleandro II Rolle (the Unbeliever) (b 11568 - 11641 r 11610 - 11641) oldest son of Itur IV. Was born Itur but took the name of an Emperor from the Gelilae dynastic period who existed nearly 6000 years previously. Never gave a public reason for doing so. Named the Unbeliever as he publicly denounced belief in the Five as a mindless superstition. Introduced laws prohibiting public funds to be paid to the church of The Five for any reason, or state sponsoring of any Church building or project.

Meleandro III Rolle (the Dastard) (b 11588 - d 11644 r 11641 - 11644) third son and fifth child of Meleandro II. Widely believed to have murdered his older siblings. Undertook a purge of the Rolle dynasty, murdering many cousins and uncles and sending many into exile. Placed many of his friends and supporters in high positions, including duchies. He placed a close friend, Gealer of South Quough, on the Ducal throne of Murred, causing an insurrection and a lingering unrest that would last centuries. Was deposed by his son Itur in 11644 and executed shortly after for treason.

Itur V Rolle (b 11610 - d 11650 r 11644 - 11650) eldest son of Meleandro III. Spent most of his life in Luthaniel mainly as his mother feared Meleandro would murder him. Raised an army and stormed the Palace of the Empire in 11644 and overthrew his father, with vast public support. Put down the rebellion in Murred, and was murdered in the Day Palace by a Murredian bondee serving girl.

Paulius IV Rolle (b 11640 - d 11708 r 11650 - 11708) second son of Itur V. His older brother, Syoman, disappeared on an expedition into the Solscami in 11645. The Council of Prefects ruled as regents until Paulius turned 16.

Syoman I Rolle (b 11665 - d 11730 r 11708 - 11730) only child of Paulius IV. Named in honour of his dead uncle. Unremarkable Emperor.

Belantine XVIII Rolle (b 11700 - d 11788 r 11730 - 11788) third son and fourth child of Syoman I Rolle. His older siblings succumbed to various illnesses. He was born Belantine and refused to change it upon succession despite advice. Apart from this, he ruled without incident. He introduced the Noble Statute, a series of laws that prevented he nobility from taking summary action against persons without due cause. Prior to this, a noble of Aesedra could have any citizen arrested for any reason they saw fit, and many did. Was called the “Belantinian law” for many years until people started to confuse the law's creator with the far more famous Belantine XVI Powyvest.

Colsis XXIII Rolle (b 11728 - d 11789 r 11788 - 11789) Eldest son of Belantine XVIII. Was unmarried and died without issue.

Drono III Rolle (b 11732 - d 11803 r 11789 - 11803) second son of Belantine XVIII. First Drono since the early Powyvest days 1600 years previously. Put down numerous rebellions in Parrence and Murred. Enacted the law that made Rolles immune to Imperial prosecution.

Colsis XXIV Rolle (b 11760 - d 11813 r 11803 - 11813) eldest son of Drono III. Kept a number of Murredian bondee women as slaves and was murdered by one of them after he had beaten her. Fathered countless illegitimate children including his successor.


Meleandro IV Rolle (the Usurper) (b 11783 - d 11856 r 11813 deposed 11830) illegitimate son of Colsis XXIV, born to a Murredian woman. Colsis named Meleandro his heir on his deathbed, over the legitimate claim of his first-born son Itur. Itur was banished to a prison island off the coast of southern Yolbein. Meleandro was a powerful man with a forceful personality who severely dealt with the slightest mention of his bastard heritage. Became increasingly mad due to his addiction to various substances and started murdering and imprisoning associates and servants. The Council of Prefects intervened and had Meleandro declared insane. Itur was invited back to Kyne and was made Emperor. Meleandro was sent to a prison farm in central Makael and lived out his days in obscurity. Itur issued a decree that no future Emperor may ever again be named Meleandro.

Kellermore Rolle line restored

Itur VI Rolle (b 11780 - d 11860 r 11830 - 11860) eldest and only legitimate child of Colsis XXIV Rolle. Spent a fair deal of his life a prisoner where he studied fine arts. Upon succession, he became the patron of many opera and theatre companies and opened museums and galleries. Under his rule, the Woods of the Empire became a preserve.

Drono IV Rolle (b 11845 - d 11911 r 11860 - 11911) only child of Itur VI and was born when his father was 66. Married at 16 and fathered first child at 17, otherwise an unremarkable Emperor.

Paulius V Rolle (b 11857 - d 11928 r 11911 - 11928) eldest son of Drono IV. Crushed a rebellion in northern Firvell and destroyed a Xicomor incursion.

Taian XXII Rolle (b 11878 - d 11951 r 11928 - 11948) eldest son of Paulius V. Stern ruler that re-designed Aesedra's military according to his reckoning and beliefs. Believed that all unrest in northern Firvell and Murred was the work of Wind Kingdom agitators and sent a cease and desist command to King Tromandus of the Wind Kingdom, and warned that minatory action would occur if the suspected agitation did not cease.

Taian XXIII Rolle (b 11904 - current r 11948 - current) eldest son of Taian XXII.

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