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Jortonis has been the name of seven Emperors of Aesedra, as well as many dukes and other nobles. It is of Nitherese origin and the majority of Emperors named this have been from there. The first three were Powyvests and little is known about them except they were Nitherese. Not even their dates of reign are known with certainty.

* Jortonis IV Rolle (b. 11065 - d 11139 r 11135 - 11139). His reign heralded a period of unrest and strife for the Empire. Though he was a capable ruler, he was chosen to be Emperor over the arguably stronger claim of the then four year old Alasmina V Rolle, which nearly brought the realm into civil war. Allegedly died an unhappy man, faraway from his believed home of Nither.

* Jortonis V Rolle (b. 11065 - d 11139 r 11135 - 11139). Grandson of the above. Renounced the Throne in favour of Alasmina but accepted it upon her death. Was considered to be a “great hope” as he set about “righting wrongs” that his predecessors had committed. Alas, he was never to put many plans into action, as he drowned when his fishing boat overturned on Seling Deep.

* Jortonis VI Rolle (b 11400 - d. 11456 r 11 426 - 11456). Was of Gatian extraction, though he did have some Nitherese ancestry. Nothing particularly noteworthy about him.

* Jortonis VII Rolle (b 11501 d 11570 r 11569 - 11570). Great grandson of the above. Was 69 when he took the Throne and lived for a year, during which period nothing of real note occurred.

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