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Leiunda of the line of Vauan (b.Uaini 11910 d. near Errau 14 Seid 11958) was the oldest child and only daughter of Duke Eisbri of Ghananda and his wife Leausiea. She was a Ghanandese woman descended directly from Vauan.

Her younger siblings were

In 11933, she was wed to Drono Rolle, who was sent by his father Taian XXII Rolle along with his mother Darvita, to Ghananda. The marriage was initially an unhappy one and neither party wanted much to do with one another. In time, they grew to at least like one another, if not love, though they lived largely separate lives.

She was the mother of:

Like most Ghanandese women, she was short (about 5'1“) and slimly built. She was described as “untidily beautiful” by one scholar, who remarked on her untamed mop of blonde hair, her pale blue eyes and heavily freckled face.

She perished in 11958 after falling from her horse and breaking her neck, something that many deemed to be no accident.

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