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Maochan is a town in northern Makael, on the frontier with Nither. The Makael River flows a few miles to the south at the town of Qualot Pool. The border between the two provinces follows the river except for a deviation where it bends north a few miles to encompass Maochan. The reason for this is lost in the murk of history.

Geographically, Maochan sits in the middle of the Ochre Steppe, a savannah that extends from western Keve to the verge of the Grey Mountains. It is very much a no-man's land that Aesedra has only the most nominal control over. Maochan is a trading post of about 5000 permanent residents, and is n important location on caravans travelling between Darna, Nither and Asanque in southern Makael. As with a lot of Makaeli places, the people consider themselves Makaeli first and Aesedran last and there is a great spirit of independence.

Nonetheless, the Aesedran army maintains garrisons at the northern and southern entrances, though they leave the governance of the town itself to a local master.

Maochan is very much a “wild west” town, full of gambling dens, brothels and the like.

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