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Nither is a province of Aesedra, located in the north-east of the nation and historically, it is one of the latest to join. Its capital is Woods Water, a picturesque city of about 300000 souls in the eastern central part of the Jalland. It borders Makael to the south (nominally), the Great Scarp to the west, Darna and part of Parrence to the north and Keve to the east.

It entered Aesedra in late Powyvest times and has remained in a variable relationship with the Empire since. While the majority of Nitherese classify themselves as loyal Aesedrans, there remains many who are ambivalent to the Empire and not a few outwardly hostile to it. Despite this, the province has given the Empire little trouble since joining.

Geographically, it sits in a very broad valley created by the River Yotu to the north, and the Woods River to the south. The western two thirds of the province is covered by the Jalland, a huge forest that has been preserved since the days of the Old Gatian Era. The northern part of this forest is uninhabited and is officially an Imperial wilderness. The southern part peters out into savanna, before eventually coming to the semi-desert of the Ochre Steppe. Nobody is truly sure where the border is.

Imperial geographers assert that is a line drawn straight from the Grey Mountains across the eastern-flowing extent of the Makael River to the Kingsland border. Neither Makael nor Nither agree or disagree with this. Nither makes no effort to police the province south of the Jalland, and the region between the edge of the forest and Maochan at the southern edge of the Ochre Steppe is among the most lawless locations in the Empire, patrolled solely by members of the Aesedran Army.

The eastern third is fertile plains, given over to intensive farming. Stands of forest and woodland dot the terrain.

Politically, Nither is divided into eight cadastres, each of which are ruled over by a Lord or Lady. Most of them are members of the Rolle family, as is the ducal family who live in Woods Water.

Apart from Woods Water, other large towns include Tekla's Reach and Eustre, both of which lie beside the Woods River. Meeting Pool lies at the junction between the River Yotu and the Woods River. Chabore lies in the central north of the province, along the River Yotu.

Nither is also famed for providing a number of Emperors and Empresses to Aesedra, most notably Candamelia XI Rolle who was easily its most famous daughter. The current ruling Rolles of Aesedra have some distant Nitherese blood in them.

For the most part, Nither is a calm and peaceful place, full of hard-working and earnest people getting on with their lives. They're not given to artistic pursuits or the chasing of fame and glory. They are certainly among the more level-headed people of the Empire.

As with neighbouring Parrence, many of the Nitherese do not worship The Five in what could be considered an orthodox fashion. Quite a few revere the sun aspect (whom they call Teniam) over the other four (or disavow them altogether), which Mulptana (and other religious schools) considers a heresy.

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