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The Noble Statute

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The Noble Statute is a series of laws enacted by Emperor Belantine XVIII Rolle in 11753, in consultation with the Council of Prefects. In essence, it prohibits any noble or their agent from arresting or imprisoning any person without proof that an offence was committed and/or a fair trial. Prior to this, the nobles of Aesedra frequently had people who had irked them in some way, arrested and in many cases executed without due process. This law also applies to the Emperor.

The law was primarily enacted to prevent the Emperor from abusing his or her position to eliminate those deemed to be enemies. The law caused much consternation and unrest among the various nobles of the realm when passed, but it is accepted fairly unconditionally in the modern age.

Although it has been called the Noble Statute since it was passed into law, it is commonly known as the Belantinian Law, with many thinking - erroneously - that it was passed by Belantine XVI Powyvest a millennium prior.

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