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 +=====Old Gatian Era=====
 +The **Old Gatian Era** is the semi-mythological time that existed before the founding of [[Aesedra]] by **[[Ucto]] the First**. According to what history survives, it was a time of chaos, where wizards and sorcerers openly ruled the land and it was [[magick]], not [[alchemy]] that was the prime mystical force of the world. ​
 +According to religious tradition, humans came from elsewhere and populated the world between 500-1000 years before the founding of Aesedra. They arrived through the agency of magick and a struggle between the wizards and followers of [[The Five]] began, that ended with the victory of The Five and the founding of Aesedra.
 +In truth, next to nothing is known of this time, and it is shrouded in factual darkness and legend.
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