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 +=====The Palace of the Empire=====
 +The **Palace of the Empire** (never the Imperial Palace or some variation) is the official residence of the [[Emperor]] of [[Aesedra]]. It is located on the east shore of [[Seling Deep]] in [[Iron Gates]], twenty miles west of [[Kyne]] and occupies an estate of several thousand acres, all of which is the exclusive preserve of the Emperor. ​
 +It was built during the brief dynasty of the [[Torra]]s about 8450 and has been the Imperial residence ever since. It is roughly square with about two hundred yards to a side, with many spires and towers built into its layered mass. It is a huge building containing several thousand rooms, many of which lie abandoned and forgotten.
 +The [[Imperial Mausoleum]] lies a mile to the south, and the shoreline along the [[Gulf of Yotu]] is home to oyster beds and many vineyards.
 +It is not the seat of government for the Empire. That honour goes to the [[Day Palace]] in Kyne.
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