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Duke Paulius Rolle

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Duke Paulius Rolle, (b. Kellermore 15 Seid, 11902) is the current duke of Iron Gates. Paulius is the middle brother of three, his elder being the current Emperor of Aesedra, Taian XXIII Rolle, and his younger is Duke Drono Rolle of Ghananda. He is a member of the Imperial Line and is the current Heir Apparent of the Empire, since the Emperor is childless.

He has been duke of Iron Gates since the passing of his uncle Struan in 11930, who died childless.

He is married to the Lady Lenae though like many in his position, he maintains a number of concubines and mistresses. He has fathered children to many of these, most of whom have not survived infancy or were stillborn. His sole and legal heir is Itur Rolle, a son by Lenae. Itur is the only child of Paulius', legitimate or otherwise, to survive childhood. Many commentators believe Paulius is cursed due to his unfortunate lineage.

He is described as a tall and strongly built man, studious and secretive and is rarely seen in public. He leaves most of the daily affairs of Iron Gates to officials.

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