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The Siepta is Aesedra's guild of alchemists. Alchemy is thought to be (as standard Mulptana teaching states) a creation of The Five. When the Old Gatian Era was overthrown and Ucto the First was elevated to Emperor, all magick was removed from the land. In its place there came alchemy. From nearly the beginning, the Siepta has been the organisation that controls every aspect of it in Aesedra. In short, no alchemist may legally operate in Aesedra outside of the the Siepta's purview - they must belong to the Siepta or suffer a swift and effective death. No amateur may practice alchemy in Aesedra. Those that do are given a choice - become part of the Siepta or die. To harm, molest, injure or kill an alchemist in Aesedra carries the death penalty.

Alchemy was created in Aesedra and it could be argued it is one of the prime things that gives the Empire its far-reaching power. While it has spread to other parts of the world, nowhere is it practised with such passion, effectiveness and efficiency as it in Aesedra.

The Siepta are a wholly secretive guild. Their affairs, internal structure, numbers and so forth are closely-held secrets. As are the recipes they use to concoct the various potions they create.

Because of their power and the protection they are afforded under Aesedran law, alchemists are held in awe by the Aesedran populace.

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