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 +<fs smaller>​For an explanation of dates used, please see the [[Calendar]]</​fs>​
 +**Tiumau** (b. c. 11950) is a [[Heddig|Heddigu]] woman who met [[Vilnia Rolle]] in the summer of 11965 and accompanied the latter on her adventures and later became one of Vilnia'​s most trusted servants and confidantes. Tiumau is the daughter of two escaped slaves who fled Heddig and founded the [[Angels of the Unchained]],​ a runaway slave organisation. Tiumad'​s parents encouraged Vilnia to take the girl and give her a better life, an outcome that has been largely successful.
 +Tiumau is short (5'​2"​) and tends toward stoutness. She is extremely reticent and rarely speaks even when encouraged to do so.
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