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Ucto is the name of two different people.

* Ucto the First is the semi-legendary founder of Aesedra. Few facts are available but from what can be gleaned he was a Gatian chieftain who gathered the various tribes under his banner and drove out or destroyed the practitioners of sorcery who dominated Aesedran life in the Old Gatian Era. There are conflicting reports and myths as to how he achieved this, but it is generally accepted that he had the aid of The Five. Aesedra's calendar started from the day he formally took possession of the Throne and the line of Emperors counts itself from him.

* Saint Ucto the Tractarian was the founder of the prescriptivist school of The Five. Despite the extensive biography and hagiographies prescriptivists have written about him over the millennia, few details are known about his life with certainty. He was of Oscian stock and lived between c. 2301 - 2360. It was his belief that orthodox Mulptana teaching deviated from the will of The Five and he accordingly wrote his Pandect as a prayer and guide book to return the faithful back to the fold. Prescriptivists maintain he was murdered, though general history recounts him dying of some unspecified disease.

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