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For an explanation of dates used, please see the Calendar. Please consult the timeline for some of the personages mentioned.

Venone is a Gatian masculine name. Most notably it was the name of one of the last Powyvest Emperors in Venone I Powyvest.

Venone I Powyvest, (b. 10855 - d. 10924 r. 10917 - 10924) was the eldest son (though illegitimate) of Struan VI Powyvest. Emperor Struan did not marry until late in life and he fathered two daughters, who both succeeded him as Empresses of Aesedra. Venone in the meantime had for many years been his father's closest advisor and attempted to convince his father that he, and not the eldest daughter Ynylla should come to the Throne. Despite Venone's influence, Struan would not bend to this suggestion and when he died in 10911, Ynylla succeeded him as Ynylla V Powyvest.

Ynylla disappeared somewhere in the vicinity of the Palace of the Empire in the second year of her reign in 10913. Though some blamed Venone, he was away on royal business in Luthaniel at the time and could readily disclaim knowledge of it. The fact that the Palace is one of the most heavily guarded buildings in the world, and Ynylla went nowhere outside without a large escort added fuel to the conspiracy fires that she was secretly murdered. She was only sixteen at the time of her disappearance.

Struan's second daughter Yasildra came to the throne as Yasildra I Powyvest in late 10913. Yasildra, only thirteen, was far more pliant in Venone's hands than the feisty and independent-minded Ynylla had been. Venone managed to get Yasildra and the Council of Prefects to legitimise him, thus putting him - at age 58 - next in line.

Yasildra was a sickly girl who spent most of her four years in power in her rooms in bed. Historians believe Venone kept her ill so she would succumb at an early age but again there is no hard evidence to prove this. Yasildra died of fever in 10917, at the age of seventeen. Venone then succeeded her and the ambition of a lifetime was made good. Shortly after his accession, he embarked on one of the most genocidal and destructive campaigns Aesedra has ever witnessed. One by one, he removed members of his family from duchies and other noble positions, accusing them of plots real and imagined. There were dozens of show trials in Kyne and witihn several years, there were few Powyvests of royal standing remaining.

By the time Venone died aged 69 of gout in 10924, there was only his son Colsis left. He had destroyed one of the most remarkable dynasties in Aesedran history and cemented a place for himself as an irredeemable villain in the annals of history. No emperor or even duke has been named Venone since.

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