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 +====== Viska ======
 +<fs smaller>​For an explanation of dates used, please see the [[Calendar]].</​fs>​
 +**Viska** of the line of [[Vauan]] (b. [[Uaini]] 11913) is the second child and oldest son of the late [[Ghananda|Ghanandese]] **Duke** [[Eisbri]] of [[Ghananda]] and his wife [[Leausiea]].
 +His siblings are:
 +  * [[Leiunda]]
 +  * [[Eisto]]
 +He is the uncle of [[Vaeyan Rolle]] and (putatively) [[Vilnia Rolle]].
 +As the ranking native-born Ghanandese nobleman, he is afforded the title "​Baron"​ by [[Aesedra]] and generally has charge of the southwestern part of the country, based in Uaini. Like most Ghanandese, he cares little for Aesedra and her ways, preferring to be concerned solely with his own affairs. He is a portly, florid and affable man who rarely turns down a good meal.
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