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The Attuned Wind

As outlined on other pages, the Attuned Wind exist only now in their ancient stronghold, the Mansion Lammacia, on the isle of Grifne in the Arosd Archipelago, hard by the island of Forosth.

The origins of this peculiar, yet cogent odylic grouping, are lost with the technologies of old. The tenets of their creed aren't fully understood even by those who feel they know them. This is what is known; the Collision brought about a revelation to a certain group, a group of folk who dwelled on the southern coast of Forosth.


They saw this titanic upheaval as a sure and pure sign that technology had not created idealism, that the power to create came from concentrated cognition and ability. This is the odylic field of creation, the most difficult to master. How the wind came to signify the rank and purpose of these folk is not recorded either, but it is believed that the eight cardinal points of the compass mean rectitude and orderliness in construction. It is construction, after all, for which the Attuned Wind were most famous.

Each catechumen in their order progresses through stages of idealism and creative power. This rank is represented by polygonal name after the fourth wind is “attuned” to. As such, the upper four ranks are named Pentagon, Hexagon, Heptagon, and, lastly, the Octagon. The basal rank is the Square. The current Octagon of the Attuned Wind is Ioja.

They perceived the construction of colossal and magnificent buildings to be the ultimate redressing of wrongs made by willy-nilly technology. All over the Three Rivers continent stand these massive and airy edifices, built of basalt, marble, porphyry and granite. They were built using pure odylicism; the ranking adept of the Attuned Wind, the Octagon, would create the foundation and his followers would shape the natural stone then into architectural marvels. So absorbed were they with their building, they failed to see their peril. By nature the Attuned Wind were a pacific folk, given to creation rather than destruction, conquest or power. As such, they were victim to more powerful peers, who drove them away or killed them outright. After millennia of depredation on their kind, what remained of this once-lofty fraternity retired to their leafy island out in the Fairge, where they now live.

They are reclusive and admit no strangers upon their island, using odylic power to force them away with storms and hurricanes. Of late, they have been involved in dire plots though much about these are still unknown.

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