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A Bibliography of Stories based in Fels and Aesedra

This material mentioned is “non-canon” and doesn't mesh well with the other information on this site.

This document is as a synopsis of the work I've done with the world Fels. Some of it, unfortunately, is from memory as I no longer have the stories. All of them more or less take place in the same timeframe, with the exception of Tronapt which takes place about AD 2300. The format I have written this bibliography is in no particular order and the dates I wrote the stories are very much arbitrary.

Fels 1985-1986

The first story set in Fels, at this time I drew up the basic pencil maps, this story, generally poorly written and plotted as I went along, concerned two heroes, Thaspp Thimjones and Kroutno Kluns…both were Cugel wannabes, originally from Earth. If I recall, they travelled to Fels on a spaceship held together with ropes and tape. I tried very hard to be Jack Vance with this story, but I gave into euphuistic speech and contrivances of all descriptions. Essentially, the two were chasing some un-recalled bad guy from Earth, for he'd stolen something, I think it was the “Orbe” or the “Gyre” from memory. When they arrived at Kyxx, they were separated by this bad guy, Thaspp was deviously teleported to Hlan on the island of Luwedne, Kroutno, his faithful seneschal, was whisked away to Cuodren way to the north of the Three Rivers continent.

Thaspp's adventures I wrote first, he had all sorts of hair-raising Vancian experiences, encountering robotic monsters, guilds, sailing around the lower part of the continent, witnessing a volcano, marrying a girl by Christian rites (!). Kroutno's, I never finished, but he fights tornadoes, airborne acid monsters, enlists help from a man named Vartelopsi, burns down cities, steals gold and women, that sort of thing. I'd stopped writing it, after 120,000 words, just short of Kroutno meeting up with his Arch-duke master, Thaspp, on the outskirts of Kyxx. I'd got bored with it, plus I'd moved onto bigger and better things, in my own opinion at the time.

Tronapt 1987?

Much different from the first one, which was a quasi-humorous fantasy, this one was science fiction, and as such, falls out of the purlieu of how I've stated things to be on Fels elsewhere. Tronapt is the name of the western hemisphere continent of Fels, and is the home of the Monarchial Renaissance. In short, it is the British Crown relocated to this world, and it is a detective story…I admit that the plot was reasonable for amateurish work. A son of a murdered scientific advisor comes to Tronapt to track down his father's killer and uncovers a sinister revolutionary movement going on. I don't recall much else of this story, save I did some serious researching on heraldry and the British Royal Families. I have long since decided that Tronapt is a sparsely inhabited swampland of barbarians and hedgerow sorcerers.

The Offany Cycle 1988

I wrote a couple of short stories based on the island of Isume, which lies west of Merhulneo continent. The stories were about a local villager, Offany, who plucks up courage and enters a tall, basalt pyramid near his home. Inside he finds the remaining members of a cult called Darklove, escapes their weird attempt to sacrifice him and takes one of the sallow priestesses with him. In the second short, I had Offany encounter the odics, metal earth spirits. I'd used odics in the Fels story with Kroutno, and salvaged it for here. The story was called No-one at the Bridge. Both stories were published by Chris Masters in the Australian fanzine Esoteric Order of Dagon, a Lovecraftian horror-zine that carried short fiction. Some of the authors within have gone on to bigger things. Both stories were dark fantasy, to be sure, dealing with the concepts of love and death intertwined.

Triocular 1990-96

I'd still like to persevere with this one, but I'd have to re-write it as I've lost my original. It's a messianic epic of the first water, my first attempt at a full-on ultra high fantasy. Aegyptus Juvens is a product of a gen, a crucible in which sorcerers mold life, shades of Turjan of Miir here out of Vance's Dying Earth. AJ, as I called him, is destined to become the wearer of the Triocular. The Triocular is a device enabling one to see into all worlds at once; the third eye, hence its title. AJ receives certain magical devices out of his former master's castle and sets off naively into the world of Fels, to Hyslur-Zemark in Forosth, to be honest. Here he receives instruction in statecraft, falls head over heels for a pretty scullery maid named Rolinna and sets off “until the City is Built”. I say this as he is told early on by Fanatos, the Tarot Magician, that he must wander until the New City is Built. He has no clue to what that means, and neither did I as I hadn't planned the story that far when I ceased writing it. He finds four others like him, products of a gen, and they follow him around like mute servants…it's a travelogue, as a lot of my stories tend to be, but it definitely has promise. I'll be recycling some of the ideas in Triocular for my current Fels story.

The Canal Society 1987-present

The story I'm currently working on. It's in its fifth or sixth incarnation, as I keep changing the plot behind the story. It is based in Fenstre and it is about Thenson Trowheald, Clanmaster of Trowheald. The background information I've related elsewhere should give many clues about what goes on. It originally started out a lot more jokey, a sort of Gray Mouser in Lankhmar type story, but as I wrote more and re-examined it, it became a serious work. The plot of this latest attempt is complex and concerns the devious plans of the Geriarchs and some of the antemery folk I have mentioned in the Fenstre pages.

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