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The faith of Darklove has its origins on the island of Isume, and has spread in a desultory manner to Luwedne and the southern Three Rivers, particularly southern Arimorn around the cities of Tosban and Port Diales. Its worship has been outlawed in Fenstre where it is seen as an insidious antemery cult.

Essentially, the tenets of faith state that devotion to the goddess of Lhusk is paramount, and while it doesn't deny the existence of other gods, adherents believe they're all fools too crass and unworthy of human devotion. Lhusk is a shadowy figure, portrayed as a voluptuous young woman, always nude save for a gauzy veil across her face. Her temples are dimly lit though huge and lavishly appointed.

Darklove's actual articles of faith are not known, and her priestesses do not divulge them to unbelievers unless they swear life and love to Lhusk. There are rumours human sacrifice is infrequently performed, and male devotees are inevitably charmed and enslaved to serve the priestesses. The priestesses are usually Dyne though there are a few mesmerists among them. There is no male clergy.

Lhusk demands that her priestesses touch no weapons, avoid dalliances with men they do not intend to convert to their cause and may not keep pets of any kind.

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