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 +====== The Fabled Third World ======
 +The **Fabled Third World** was created in the [[Collision]] when the universes of Natural Law and [[Odylicism]] collided, thus releasing magic into the world of [[Fels]] (and elsewhere). Before it was sealed away completely by [[Aegyptus Juvens]], it was accessible to those who were powerful enough in will and strength to cross the barrier known as the [[Epirozethium]]. ​ Beyond, they would find a glimmering realm of pure magic and to immerse oneself in this was to become a god. Due to the chaotic energies which leaked from the Fabled Third World, odylicism was becoming unpredictable and sorcerers were beginning to grow god-like. A decision was made to seal it for all time, and after an extraordinary adventure, Aegyptus Juvens smote the Epirozethium with his staff [[Onom]]. With this done, the Fabled Third World was forever sealed away from god, [[supernal]] or human. ​
 +The magic glasses, the [[Triocular]],​ given to Aegyptus Juvens allow one to see past the Epirozethium into the Fabled Third World but not breach it. However, to see into it is enough to gain mastery of life and magic itself, but to date, the only person capable of wearing the Triocular was Aegyptus Juvens himself. who was not a sorcerer.
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