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 Please continue to the [[Map of Fels]] page. Please continue to the [[Map of Fels]] page.
-==== Real world astronomy ==== 
-As an interesting aside, you can view pages (real astronomy) about Alsuhail [[http://​​~dolan/​constellations/​hr/​3634.html|here]] and a more thorough discussion [[http://​​sow/​suhail.html|here]]. 
-Thanks to the amazing star map generator found at **Extrasolar** (now offline) I can offer night sky maps from Alsuhail'​s perspective. The yellow circle in the northern hemisphere map is our Sun, though from Alsuhail'​s distance, it'd be invisible with the naked eye. 
-The Field Star Map was generated online at [[http://​​yoursky/​|this site]]. 
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