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The City of Fenstre, page two

Places of Government

The city of Fenstre is presided over by a council of priests of Ydrys. Collectively they are known as the Geriarchs. A name reflecting both their age and the concomitant wisdom. They number seven in most times although there is no fixed edict in this regard. They are invariably men and aged over sixty years. Oddly enough, no Trowheald or Flamistead has ever sat in the Clathe. Of the five septs, most Geriarchs have been D'Arrests, which is possibly a reflection of their religious and mystic inclinations.

The Clathe

The Clathe is an original Attuned Wind structure situated on a jut of Inmer Island. It lies just south of the geographical middle of Fenstre. It is a citadel like structure of basalt and granite approximately three hundred yards to a side. It is square. It contains the living and legislative quarters of the Clathe and a fair deal of Fenstre's militia and army. Despite the square aspect of its exterior, inside it shows Attuned Wind flair with gently semi-circular corridors, high-arched and corbelled chambers. It also is laid in places with marble, a stone not used by Societors.

The Attuned Wind built the Clathe to last; despite 10500 years or so of use, it is prime condition. The Clathe's lower depths descend far. The Attuned Wind built extensive chambers and halls far underneath the water table of the Orstrey and the Fairge. Knowledge of these underground halls, known as the Warrens to those who know of them, is limited to few. Even fewer know of their purpose. The Attuned Wind built them for no other reason than the joy of architecture. Even the thieves of Fenstre, the Hallilan, do not know of the Warrens.

The Warrens

The Warrens extend all over Fenstre and partly beyond it. They surface at only a few well-hidden places, generally better disguised than the Societors could do themselves and sealed off with ingenious locking mechanisms. At the time of writing this, only a score or so actively know of them and use them, most notably the cult of Darklove The Geriarchs, being Ydrys's followers, have little concealed from them. They are wholly aware of the Warrens and Fenstre's true history though they find no reason to promulgate it to most of the probably uncaring population.

The Geriarchs

The Geriarchs rule by statute and unwritten common law. Their word is generally law. They rarely deal judgement to the population, having delegated most of this to judges and magistrates. Matters that draw their attention are conflicts between rival families or guilds, religious or odylic matters and foreign affairs. The activities of creeds other than worship of the Coiga attract their notice smartly, as do practising sorcerers and theurgists. The movements of antemery also are subject to Geriarch scrutiny.

To the south of the Clathe, past Knebber Point, Mill Island and Trowheald Island, lies the Fort. The Fort is the principal placement of Fenstre's bureaucracy. Here edicts and pronouncements are issued, quotas and bean counting performed. The Fort differs from the Clathe in that it is a bureaucratic centre as opposed to a legislative one.

The Fort also holds most of Fenstre's standing militia. The Fort was built by the Attuned Wind and is a dour basalt fortress devoid of the bunting, vines, paint, boards and tarpaulins which decorate most Fenstre residences. It is a solid structure with outer walls six feet thick. It is very much a subtle reminder of Geriarch justice.

The Geriarchs rarely ever venture to the Fort. They, in fact, rarely venture anywhere outside the Clathe or the Hexaquer, which adds lustre to the mystery and intrigue surrounding them. To the near west of the Fort and Trowheald Island lie the jumbling maze of the Inmer Warehouses. These large oblong structures were also built by the Attuned Wind cult. They serve as storehouses from produce coming in and out of Fenstre. Considering Fenstre handles most of the southern part of the continent's trade and all coming into it from the south, there is much activity and chaos here. In fact, an outsider could wander for days in them, lost to the world. They have become a catchword for most things Societor. Nobody apart from vagrants, beggars and the Hallilan dwell here.


Fenstre is divided into sixteen administrative districts plus Virince and Tweenport which are given special status.They are more or less an area of reference, generally socio-economic. From northwest to southeast, moving in a rough circle east to west they are: Northmer, Westmer Community, Waterway, Flamistead Estate, Swott, Southmer, Inmer, Trowheald Island, Mill Island, The Middle, Hired Skull, Old Town, Lake Village, Ipty, Eastmer and Fhind Island. These, in turn, are divided even further into more discernible locales.

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