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Forosth is a large island hanging off the southeastern coast of the Three Rivers continent. It has a reverse L shape and is approximately 1100 miles long by 500 miles wide at its widest point. The southern half is generally wetter and more humid than the north, which is known locally as Stanov. This division occurs midway at the Khumaar Hills.

It is bordered on the north and east by the Sea of Marnopyre, on the south by the Equatic Ocean, on the west by the Fairge and The Race and a number of gulfs and bays. It is separated from the Three Rivers at its northern extremity by the 20 mile wide and 70 mile long Strait of Pyre. At its southwestern extremity, it is separated from the mainland by the very narrow Straits of Szarn. In between, lie a number of bays and gulfs, including The Belly, the Maingulf and Surdije Bay.

Islands in these include the Ovirth Archipelago, Seit, Lyskx, Hirione Island and Ginotal Island, which lies near the southern end of the Strait of Pyre.

The southern half of Forosth receives copious amounts of equatorial rain, much like the southern Three Rivers does, whereas the eastern side of Stanov is a dry savannah.

Cities and States

Forosth, like the Three Rivers itself, is home to a number of city-states and petty nations. The most famous of these is the Arch-duchy of Telxerxes which lies on the southwestern end. Telxerxes and Hyslur-Zemark are coterminous with one another, Telxerxes being the state, and the latter being the city. Hyslur-Zemark is the home of the Aegyptus Juvens cult and folk from all over the Three Rivers make pilgrimage to tread the same paths AJ once did. It is also the birthplace of the Consort, Rolinna.

Other towns include Xats which sits on the edge of the Strait of Szarn and is the chief port for Forosth for pilgrims arriving from the Three Rivers. Farther to the east lies the ruined city of Nelucium which has a history of its own.

Prosth lies a few hundred miles to the east of Hyslur-Zemark and is a town of little note. Beyond this, save for an isolated settlement on the Sea of Marnopyre coastline at Culusthi. Between Culusthi and Tarxiu on the far northeastern tip of Forosth, the land is generally uninhabited. Tarxiu sits across the Strait of Pyre from Jelotnar.

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