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Ge Diomala, lustful demiurge of Fels

Ge Diomala was created in the Collision. He is a Hypernatural in the hierarchy of beings dwelling inside the Argence. For millennia, he served the Highest High in his/her mansion in Exa, dallying with the lesser supernals there.

On one occasion, his master sent him on a mission to the Abode of Lambence, where the goddess Oyrato made her home. Oyrato had taken a human lover, a man by name of Leander, a native of the Three Rivers land of Oloi and the two of them spent most of the warm and long Exa “days” reclining on Tisimal Meadow exchanging fond glances and soft words.


Ge Diomala was overcome with lust at the sight of the unearthly beauty of Oyrato and sought to have her as his own. Oyrato is an Ultranatural, a being likewise born of the Collision and higher up the hierarchy than Ge Diomala, yet she has little or no physical power. The far mightier Hypernatural easily overcome her and ravished her under the silky light of her Abode.

Leander, only a normal man, was imbued with courage and fought the far stronger Ge Diomala on Tisimal Meadow with doughty odylicism, finally binding the errant supernal in palladium chains. It was here that the retinue and servitors of Oyrato took him before Urypalion, the Highest High's justiciar. Ge Diomala was pronounced an abomination and a flaw and exiled from Exa.

Ge Diomala came to Fels and found himself on the northern edge of the island of Forosth. He found a land in near barbarism, with tribal civil wars and superstition was rife. Smiling to himself, he took on a persona of godlike power and seduced the hapless locals of the city-state of Nelucium in complete defiance of the Mellifluity.

He founded the religion known as the Final Sound; a doctrine of which much is spoken of but little canon observed. Essentially, the Final Sound states that the Collision will undo itself (an apparent impossibility since the actions of Aegyptus Juvens.) and that those who eschew magic and gain power by craft, deed or strength will rule the new age.

The Final Sound is the awful noise the universe will make once it rights itself. Shrewd observers note that Ge Diomala's existence depends very much on the Collision and such a righting would be his end. The raison d'etre behind this absurd creed is Ge Diomala's justified fears in mortal men besting him with odylic power.

For years he had Nelucium under his total control, and all magic, whether wielded or vested in an item is strongly outlawed. Like all good faiths, there is hypocrisy here. Ge Diomala is not above using sorcery himself to gain his ends; usually a beautiful girl from some grandee's household.


Ge Diomala successfully defended himself against all Exa retribution, most particularly when those known as the Three Who Walk came to Nelucium to chastise him. Ge Diomala argued that he was cast out of Exa; what was he to do? It was by Exa's decree that he was on Fels among the canaille of Mankind. He pointed out that Cydain, an Ultranatural, had ruled Stykomna as a deity for ages without rebuke or reprimand and of Ydrys's direct influence on the Canal Society of Fenstre.

His arguments went unheeded by the remorseless Three Who Walk and battle commenced. The skies of Nelucium were lit for days with fire and magic as the four battled it out. After many days, Ge Diomala prevailed, with aid from several pet sorcerers he had harboured (more proof of the Final Sound's fallacy) and banished the Three Who Walk back to Exa.

Ge Diomala was finally driven out of Nelucium still by Aegyptus Juvens who smote him with the staff Onom and thus banished him back to Exa, where he broods in hiding to this day, nursing an eternal hatred for Aegyptus Juvens, Oyrato and everyone who has ever thwarted him.

Physically, his natural form is striking, seven feet tall, well muscled and bald with potent green eyes. His voice echoes when he speaks and is capable of great feats of strength. His major weakness is lust. He will pursue a remarkably beautiful girl or woman to the ends of Fels if needs be, only to abandon her when the next living female bauble walks by. It was his lust for Rolinna that undid him in Nelucium.

He is fickle and petulant being, given to odd sour moods and childlike imaginings, nonetheless, he is a puissant character when confronted and will destroy any adversary idiotic enough to cross his path.

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