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The Hallilan

The Hallilan are, at their core, the thieves guild of Fenstre. This however is a gross oversimplification of their role within the city and the Canal Society as a whole.

Their founding is probably contemporary with that of Fenstre itself, for nobody can remember a time when the city was without them. They exist at the heart of Fenstre, and have their fingers on the pulse of the city, aware of all criminal activities that go down. While they do function as a thieves guild and are strictly illegal according to Fenstre law, they serve other purposes that benefit the day-to-day running of the city.

The Hallilan (whose symbol is a red-bladed knife on a black field) work indirectly for the Geriarchs by keeping the city free of undesirables, such as rogue sorcerers, thieves, criminals and other malcontents. While these roles are strictly in the purview of the Militia there are many places in Fenstre that the city's soldiery fear to tread, such as Hired Skull or the deeper parts of Waterway and the Inmer Warehouses.

The Hallilan can move about the city swifter and more silently than the Militia and know its hidden ways infinitely better. Their roads are the labyrinthine sewers of Fenstre and none know them better. In truth, to be innocently caught in a sewer is an invitation to receive Hallilan justice. As such, the Geriarchs turn a blind eye to their activities, and the Hallilan are careful not to overstep boundaries.

Hired Skull serves as their base, and they are rumoured to work out of the Saints Kitchen tavern there. Their leader is a feared man known only as Smikey, and few know his true identity. There are rumours he is none other than Sweed, the city's majordomo, though this is of course, unfounded.

The Hallilan has one public face, and that is a fellow known as Portiscu the Sly, who makes his home in Knebber Point.

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