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Hauld is a region of the south-central Three Rivers, south of Corsor, west of Loios and east of Arimorn. It is bounded on the south by the Fairge. While it was a single political entity early in history, today it is nothing more than a name on a map and none of the city-states and towns within “belong” to it in any political sense.

Geographically, it is a low-lying plain, heavily forested by jungle and inhabited by all manner of creatures fair and foul. The largest cities within are Orur and Bozlin which face each other across the Trojim River. Coastal city-states include Port Ofrey, Szarn and Hujman, which serves as a waypoint for pilgrims crossing the Straits of Szarn on their way to Hyslur-Zemark.

Fenstre sits on an island in the middle of the Orstrey River between Hauld and Arimorn and belongs to neither.

Rhalia likewise straddles a river and belongs to neither Hauld nor Loios.

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