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 +====== Hlan ======
 +**Hlan** is a city of about 15000 people on the central-west coast of [[Luwedne]]. Like most places in the southern region of the [[Three Rivers]], it is a city-state and its main claim to fame is gold and silver mining, which it ships to markets north, mainly in [[Nae]] and western [[Arimorn]] such as [[Real Movier]]. [[Lakkormi]] and [[Logisorde]]. Hlan is ruled by a mayor, elected from among the merchant class every five years.
 +Unlike most of Luwedne, the climate around Hlan is hot and dry, and water shortages are occasionally issues for the people. The [[Akhav River]] flows through Hlan to the [[the_seas#​seas_of_the_eastern_hemisphere|Myrtna Sea]] though in the dry season, it frequently dries up. A road to [[Eihu]] on the east coast follows the river mostly, though it is rarely travelled, and Hlan is practically isolated, as there are no other settlements of any size on the west coast of this wild island.
 +The folk of Hlan are a diligent and honest kind, being descendants of [[Veltor Wanderers]] and the dialect of [[Gartha]] they speak is almost unintelligible to folk elsewhere.

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