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Luwedne is a large island that is situated off the south-western coast of the Three Rivers continent. It is separated from that continent by the 600 mile long Straits of Vorth, which is a notoriously treacherous stretch of water. Luwedne is bounded on the north and northeast by the Fairge, the east by the Race, the south by the Equatic Ocean and the west by Myrtna Sea. The Morning Isles and Lefeve lay off the north coast in the Fairge. The Codhby Archipelago sits off the northeast point and Helopsy off the east.

The northern half of the island is a mountainous wilderness of cloud forests and jungles, blasted by almost daily rain. It is almost completely uninhabited save by more primitive descendants of the Inforagers. Towards the centre and the south and east, the land flattens out, the forests thin and there are settlements and a situation approximating civilisation. Here is the home of both the Inforagers and the Veltor Wanderers, both nomadic people. The Veltor Wanderers have settled in city-states such as Hlan, Colopsi and Eihu in the centre, whereas the Inforagers have made cities in Rhubertyne and Mauroh. The eastern section of Luwedne is separated from the centre by the Eihu Mountains.

The climate throughout Luwedne is tropical and humid.

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