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Nelucium is a ruined city which lies on the northern coast of southern Forosth approximately 400 miles northeast of Hyslur-Zemark. Once a quiet fishing town full of artisans and mystics, it came under the control of the Hypernatural Ge Diomala who instituted a religion known as The Final Sound (which still has some adherents throughout the Three Rivers). In this, Ge Diomala openly preached that the unravelling of the Collision would produce an awful sound, signalling the end of existence.

Under instruction from the Highest High, Aegyptus Juvens came to Nelucium and did battle with Ge Diomala, winning. Nelucium was abandoned shortly thereafter, most of the folk following Aegyptus Juvens across the The Belly to the Three Rivers mainland. Others moved to Hyslur-Zemark and elsewhere.

Today, it is a ruin and nobody goes there, nor claims it, even though it figures significantly in the mythos of Aegyptus Juvens.

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