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The New City

The New City was once known as Alderle, a nondescript trading town in the centre of Corsor, a region between Mynatan and Loios. When Aegyptus Juvens came to Alderle, he fulfilled a duty that had been given to him. With powerful sorcery, he changed the town into a vast, impenetrable monument, thus reorienting the universes, and forever sealing the Fabled Third World away.

The population of Alderle fled before this, scattering across Corsor and the rest of the Three Rivers.

Although dubbed the New City, it is not a city of any kind. In fact, nothing lives within ten miles of it, such is the odylic power that surrounds it. From a distance, it is a shimmering white oblong, resplendent in the sun. Local folk consider it and land about the realm of demons.

Sorcerers, who lamented the loss of the Fabled Third World, have sought a way to undo the deeds of Aegyptus Juvens, so far with no success. Nonetheless, pilgrims of the Aegyptus Juvens cult occasionally make their way to the New City to venerate his name and legend, much like they do in Hyslur-Zemark.

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