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Omis is a man of Fenstre. He is the leader of the Orstrey River Soldiers, a mercenary band based in Southmer, near the western edge of the city.

He is a tall, hale man in his 40s, quick-witted, knowing and always ready with a smile. His band deal with situations within in Fenstre that the Militia nor the Hallilan are suited to undertake. As with all such organisations, Omis and his Soldiers fall directly under Geriarch control.

Family-wise, he is the uncle of Thenson Trowheald, being the younger brother of Thenson's mother Diala. He is a frequent guests of the Trowhealds within their Castle, where his competence and advice is usually very welcome.

He made an impression upon Seusea when they met.

When not on duty, he can be found at Trowheald Castle, Ceorl Tavern on Ceorl Island in Waterway or in the Trowheald Tavern, entertaining one of a number of lady friends.

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