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Rolinna was a serving-girl in the employ of Arion, arch-duke of Telxerxes. She is most famous for being the Consort of Aegyptus Juvens.

She was a native of Hyslur-Zemark and despite great research and countless theories, her parentage isn't known for certainty. During her youth and younger adult years, she was striking woman, dusky-skinned, raven-haired, voluptuous in shape and the possessor of piercing blue eyes.

During Aegyptus Juven's sojourn in Hyslur-Zemark, they met and fell in love, though she was initially reluctant to take up with the outwardly strange man. Afterward, she accompanied Aegyptus Juvens northward across Forosth to the city of Nelucium where her beauty brought her unwanted attention from that city's ruler, Ge Diomala.

After a pitched battle, Rolinna freed herself from Ge Diomala's clutches and continued with Aegyptus Juvens on his quest to found the New City. In Riaelo, she was kidnapped by pirates and poisoned to near-death. Aegyptus Juvens left her in the care of a monastic order and went on to perform his ordained task. He returned for her later and cured her, and with him, dwelt in the Abodes of Nhaliscalane until her death, when her remains were brought back to Hyslur-Zemark for interment.

The house in which she was raised and her mausoleum have been focal points for pilgrimage ever since. To many, Rolinna is the ideal helpmate: a faithful lover and companion who was steadfast through her association with Aegyptus Juvens. The reality is they quarrelled often, and she threatened to leave many times, and frequently, the strong-willed Rolinna made the decisions and charted the course for the two of them. She was far from the passive good-wife the legends make her out to be.

She had no children, and it would've been impossible to bear Aegyptus Juven's progeny due to his unnatural nature.

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