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-=====The Scytae===== 
-The scytae is raw magic. To look at, it's a shimmering pinkish viscous fluid. Others have described it as "​pearlescent"​. It doesn'​t exist anywhere known to magic before it is invoked. That's to say, there is no known realm or [[Abode]] anywhere that serves as the "​cistern"​ that the scytae exists in. Invoking the scytae is the method is which [[Odylicism]] is performed. The amount invoked is dependent on the spell or incantation used, and the ability of the caster. Some require visible amounts, others incredibly small. ​ 
-Practitioners of the [[odylicism#​field of energy|Field of Energy]] can crystallise the scytae and use this to create a variety of magical devices, including wands and rods, which then can be used by those with limited or no odylic ability. People who use such implements are treated with scorn by practitioners and are given the unflattering nicknames of "​rod-boggler"​ or "​crystalfilth"​. The most famous of these people was [[Aegyptus Juvens]], though calling him a rod-boggler amongst most folk is considering fighting words. 
-[[Supernal]]s,​ such as [[Ultranatural]]s and deities do not invoke the scytae as they are innately odylic beingss. 
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