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Tamarudhe, stony continent of Fels

Tamarudhe is the smallest of Fels' continents. Its history is scant. The founders made little impact here, and most settlement to this largely arid continent occurred after the Collision. Even so, settlement has been desultory at best. The continent, which sprawls equally north and south of the Felsian equator is one of stark volcanic mesas, buttes and badlands.


Most of the settlers here were people escaping the various civil wars and petty conflicts occurring in the Beak of Corovan and the lands north of the Horrid Barrens. Nomadic tribes from the Barrens themselves and the Khuior Desert joined in. Today, Tamarudhe is a largely wild and uncivilised realm of tribal kingdoms and renegade practitioners of odylicism, gathered on the coastal plains. Only the fierce Esz and Pattiyu hussars pre-date the wilderness that is Tamarudhe's interior. Like the Veltor Wanderers of the Three Rivers continent; they are a prideful race given to extremism and acts of utter barbarism.

The only city of note is Pai Demone, on the western edge of the Szirri Peninsula, the second of Tamarudhe's two northern peninsulas. This city is the capital of the Kaund kingdom. Trade with the Three Rivers is brisk; gold, silver and diamonds from the uplands of Tamarudhe are traded for wines, ales, wood and other produce.

In short, Tamarudhe is a sparsely peopled arid wilderness.

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