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The Arch-duchy of Telxerxes

The Arch-duchy of Telxerxes is a realm is western Forosth with Hyslur-Zemark as its capital. Despite the name, the realm has never encompassed the now ghost-town of Telxerxes east of Hyslur-Zemark. It is ruled by the Arch-duke, presently Bacchante. As with Hyslur-Zemark, the Arch-duchy's name to fame is the cult and legend of Aegyptus Juvens, pilgrims of whom provide the relam with most of its income.

Geographically, it is demarcated on the east by the Mountains of Telxerxes and encompasses all the land facing the Fairge and the Equatic Ocean to the south.

The central part of the arch-duchy is dominated by teeming jungle, and both rainfall and storms are common. It is a hot and humid land unsuitable for most kinds of agriculture other than tropical fruits. The only real settlements in the realm apart from Hyslur-Zemark are Taas and Xats. The realm makes no claim on Filiaxe or the Arosd Archipelago just off the western coast.

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