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 +===== The Arch-duchy of Telxerxes =====
 +The ** Arch-duchy of Telxerxes ** is a realm is western [[Forosth]] with [[Hyslur-Zemark]] as its capital. Despite the name, the realm has never encompassed the now ghost-town of Telxerxes east of Hyslur-Zemark. It is ruled by the Arch-duke, presently [[Bacchante]]. As with Hyslur-Zemark,​ the Arch-duchy'​s name to fame is the cult and legend of [[Aegyptus Juvens]], pilgrims of whom provide the relam with most of its income. ​
 +Geographically,​ it is demarcated on the east by the [[Mountains of Telxerxes]] and encompasses all the land facing the [[Fairge]] and the [[the_seas#​seas_of_the_eastern_hemisphere|Equatic Ocean]] to the south.
 +The central part of the arch-duchy is dominated by teeming jungle, and both rainfall and storms are common. It is a hot and humid land unsuitable for most kinds of agriculture other than tropical fruits. The only real settlements in the realm apart from Hyslur-Zemark are [[Taas]] and [[Xats]]. The realm makes no claim on [[Filiaxe]] or the [[Arosd Archipelago]] just off the western coast.
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