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 +=====Tronapt,​ the fen of Fels=====
 +Tronapt is huge. As one can see from the [[map of fels|map]], it covers most of the western hemisphere of
 +[[Fels]] and stretches around to cover a goodly
 +portion of the eastern. ​
 +Its total area is approximately 25 million
 +km², making it by far the largest continent. Tronapt is
 +bounded to the east by the [[the seas|Myrtna Sea]], to
 +the north by the cold Erianic Ocean, to the south and south east by
 +the Equatic Ocean and the morass known as the Sea of Tronapt. To
 +the south it is separated from arid [[Merhulneo]] by the eight hundred mile long
 +[[Strait of New Corinth]]. The island [[Fernesce]],​ and the archipelago known as the
 +[[Barren Jewels]] are also in this vicinity. To the west it is bounded
 +by vast Oceanicus.
 +The derivation of
 +the name is lost in time, as are most things of this nature on
 +Fels...historians of [[Chird]] believe
 +it was an acronym invented on a whim by one of the early settlers.
 +The continent is geologically bland. Nowhere in its vast size does the elevation
 +surpass 2000 metres. Most of the terrain is low-lying marshland,
 +pools and sluggish rivers. The continent was chosen by the
 +Monarchial Renaissance movement as their home and very little
 +adjustment to the terrain was made. The huge, sprawling interior of
 +Tronapt was never thoroughly explored. Only orbital observation
 +charted the land to any great length.
 +The MR, as it will
 +be convenient to refer the Movement as, settled primarily on the
 +Gulf of Spance littoral, with further settlements on the shores of
 +the Sea of Tronapt...the neck of land separating these two bodies
 +of water is known as the Throat saw the most habitation of all the
 +{{ :​tronaptswamp.jpg}}
 +In the eyes of
 +many, the MR were a parody of the British Crown. Yet, up until the
 +fateful Collision, they were
 +the true power of Fels, having its largest standing army, greatest
 +spaceport, at Panopolis, and participating in the greatest offworld
 +trade. The MR were ruled by a King supported by a Council of Lords.
 +Geo-politically,​ the continent was divided up into 5 provinces,
 +further carved up into the so-called "​marquates"​.
 +Dukes and marquesses presided over these, respectively. The provinces were,
 +in descending order of population, Spance, Novatannica,​
 +Yaverlandia,​ Magna Albion and Ollward. Spance was the province
 +which incorporated the Throat and the eastern extremity facing the
 +Erianic Ocean. One of the achievements of the MR was to construct
 +the huge bridge to Merhulneo, a 35 mile long affair conveying
 +humans and materials to the extensive prison settlements the MR had
 +founded on this barren continent. Fernesce was used by the MR for
 +their primary place of incarceration for malcontents,​ miscreants
 +and general criminals.
 +At the arrival of
 +the [[Collision]],​ the majority of the population of Tronapt was
 +destroyed as [[odylicism]] took control. The great cities and plazas of
 +the MR were decimated, left to Nature, as it reasserted
 +The continent has
 +never recovered from this. The population, what there is of it, is
 +barely above Neolithic in sophistication. Occasionally,​ exiles from
 +the [[Three Rivers]] or 
 +[[Tamarudhe]] will land on its vast shores. ​
 +These folk are usually sorcerers and other practitioners
 +of odylicism who have crossed paths with their betters and seek to
 +hide. Tribes cross the huge expanses of swamp and savannah,
 +migrating in accordance with the seasons and contact with exiles is
 +Most of Fels'
 +people are not even aware of Tronapt'​s existence; to the knowledge
 +of the urbane Three Rivers folk, it is a land of legend and
 +mythology. The expression "to far Tronapt itself"​ is a watchword
 +for something very far away and out of reach. Very rare is the ship
 +that sets sail from the Three Rivers bound for Tronapt'​s enormous,
 +but generally empty, shores.
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