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Xats is a walled town of about 7000 people on the far northwestern corner of Forosth. It sits on the southern side of the Straits of Szarn and is across from the town of Hujman in Hauld on the Three Rivers.

Xats is an important centre for pilgrims making their way to Hyslur-Zemark from the Three Rivers, and although nominally under the control of the Arch-duchy of Telxerxes, the decadent leaders of that city-state leave political matters of Xats in the hands of the ruling merchant class. The only road south to Hyslur-Zemark runs through thick jungle and is only patrolled in the broadest terms. Many pilgrims have fallen prey to wild beasts, bandits and slavers on the way to Taas. Since the western coastline of Forosth is frequented by cyclones and storms, this road remains the only practicable route, unless one wants to go farther east and cross to Nelucium, which is beset with its own problems.

Like most places in this part of the world, the climate is hot, humid and tropical, with frequent rain. A travelling guide published in far-off Kilvisti regarded Xats as the most unpleasant town in the world.

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