Rama lama ding dong

This website hides quite nicely amongst my more "serious" output found in the links above. I'm not yet certain what to put here. I'm sure it'll be read by virtually nobody but Google and Bing's bots. Possibly Yandex's too. Maybe someone searching for "rama lama ding dong" will find this page. If, by some chance, you're after the Wiki then click that link.

shadowed babe

The nerveless brain

Actually, what this particular non-wiki part of Aesedra.com will be is an experimental place for my PHP and Ruby tryouts, as well as a clearinghouse for anything that doesn't fit in to the more considered parts of my three domains. Ulujain.org gets a reasonable amount of traffic, even after all these years, and I don't really want to mess with that kind of success.

Yes, I'm kidding.

Infernal impersonations

The basic layout for this site is a copy-paste from here and I'll modify it over time to where it no longer resembles the original. From what I can tell, I'm free to adapt it and I thank the original author, Roger Johanssen for putting it together.

All images used here are svg files and are in the public domain, so steal away. Earlier versions of browsers like Internet Explorer 6 and so will not render them, but oh well, you get that.

My own writing comes under this license.

biological hazards