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The Compromise of 11135

For an explanation of dates used, please see the Calendar. See also the timeline for a partial list of Aesedra's rulers.

The Compromise of 11135 was an agreement signed in 11135 by Jortonis IV Rolle and Duke Hirtius of Iron Gates. The death of the childless Bielana II Rolle in 11135 brought on a succession crisis. The Council of Prefects determined that the Nitherese duke, Jortonis had a stronger claim than Lasildra Rolle of Iron Gates (who was Hirtius' wife). Due to various indiscretions on Lasildra's part, she was found to be unfit to rule as Empress. She then put forward her four year old daughter, Alasmina V Rolle as a candidate.

When it became apparent the Council would accept Jortonis, Hirtius ordered Gatian troops to surround Kyne until the Council relented and appointed Alasmina Empress. Hirtius asserted that his province would not support a Nitherese on the Throne.

Negotiations were established and it was eventually decided that Alasmina would accede to the Throne on her sixteenth birthday and Jortonis would abdicate, something he expressed a willingness to do.

In the end, both Jortonis and his successor, Taian XVIII Rolle died before her sixteenth birthday. Taian's son Ospertine married Alasmina when she was fifteen with the idea he would abdicate for her as per the terms of the Compromise. This never happened. Hirtius and his supporters were first marginalised by Ospertine, then purportedly murdered by him (though this has never been absolutely proven). Alasmina finally acceded to the Throne at age nineteen in 11150 after Ospertine died unexpectedly.

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