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Cunan Rolle

For an explanation of dates used, please see the Calendar. Please consult the timeline for some of the personages mentioned.

Cunan Struan Connar Rolle - (b. 11155 - went missing 11177) was the first child and son of Empress Candamelia XI Rolle. She was seventeen when she adopted him from a Kyne orphanage. His parents had been killed in a barge accident on the River Yotu. At the time, Candamelia was told she could not conceive children and received dispensation from the Council of Prefects to adopt a child and heir.

Cunan grew to be a dashing and popular Heir Apparent and although his mother was later cured of her barrenness and mothered children of her own, he always remained the most popular royal scion, universally loved by all.

In 11177, on an official embassy to the northern realms of the Kostaigne Desert and the Sjeivakh Lakelands he and his party went missing. Although they were both large in number and well-armed, it was believed they met their end in warfare or ambush. No trace of them has ever been found.

Cunan's disappearance sent the normally affable and effervescent Candamelia into a deep and long state of depression which many say she never recovered from. Her next oldest child, daughter Simielle succeeded her in 11225.

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