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Duke Drono Rolle

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Duke Drono Rolle, (b. Errau, Ghananda 3 Fieljall, 11904) is the current Duke of Ghananda. He is the youngest of three brothers, his siblings being the current Emperor of Aesedra, Taian XXIII Rolle and the current duke of Iron Gates, Paulius Rolle. As such, he is a member of the Imperial Line of Aesedra and is second in line to the Throne after his older brother.

In contrast to his two brothers, Drono was born and raised in Ghananda by his mother, the Consort Darvita Rolle of Kartafulia. This was a ploy by his father, the Emperor Taian XXII Rolle (the “elder Taian”) to assume Rolle control of Ghananda. An agreement was reached with Duke Eisbri of Ghananda that Drono would succeed him upon his death, which duly happened.

He married Leiunda of the line of Vauan, Eisbri's eldest child and they have two children, although Vilnia is from a different woman (Sibodan of Polatia):

Duke Drono, like most of his family, is tall and solid. He is balding, wears a neat goatee and is regarded as shrewd by those who know him.

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