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For an explanation of dates used, please see the Calendar. Please consult the timeline for some of the personages mentioned.

Hirtius is a Gatian masculine name. Most notably it was the name of the father of Alasmina V Rolle. He was an Oscian nobleman who married Lasildra Rolle, the then duchess of Iron Gates. Lasildra died of cancer in 11133 and Hirtius became steward and regent until Alasmina reached her majority. When Bielana II Rolle died, Alasmina was one of the contenders yet the Nitherese Jortonis was selected ahead of her. In retaliation, Hirtius threatened to blockade Kyne until Alasmina was placed on the Throne. In mollification, the Compromise of 11135 was enacted.

Although Hirtius had distant Rolle ancestry, he himself was not counted as one.

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